About Us

Grillbox delivers fresh, ready to grill meal options so you can skip the store, skip the prep and fast forward to the fun part: grilling! Gather your family or friends around the grill, celebrate your favorite team at a tailgate party, or enjoy a day out at the park with our pre-sliced, pre-chopped, and pre-portioned grill kits.


Our meats are produced in California and our produce is locally sourced. With our customizable box you can get what you want with no extra items floating in your fridge and satisfy even the pickiest guest or family member!


Our food is prepared daily and is delivered in an insulated bag for maximum freshness and convenience. No subscriptions and same day free delivery! Last but not least, 95% of our packaging is compostable because we love Earth, and we're working on the rest. 


Grillbox is a Silicon Valley startup with the goal of creating the ultimate grilling meal kit experience. Founders Sanad and Alex came up with the idea for Grillbox when they were planning an American themed BBQ party to celebrate Sanad's U.S citizenship. When they set about shopping for the party they were amazed at the time, cost and waste they experienced. The party was a hit, but they knew there had to be a better way.