How do I order?


Select your day and time, select your ingredients, sit back, and relax. We'll prep your order for the day and time requested, and bring it to you wherever you are. You can pre-order in advance or you can order for same-day delivery.


Is this one of those subscription based meal kit delivery services?


Grill Box is an on demand service! Order whenever you want, no strings attached. 


Where do you deliver?


We currently deliver to all Silicon Valley cities. You can use the zip code checker on the homepage to check if we deliver to your area. If we don't serve your area yet, drop us a line and let us know you'd like to see us there. We are actively working on increasing our delivery radius and can't wait to serve you!


What are your delivery hours? 


We delivery daily from 11am to 7pm. Current order prep time is 3 hours. 


Do you offer non-contact delivery? 


For the safety of our community and drivers, all deliveries are performed non-contact. 


Do you offer catering services? 


Yes we do offer large group catering services. Contact us at info@grillbox.co for catering packages. 


Is your packaging compostable? 


All our food ingredient bags and containers are compostable including lids!  


What do I do with the insulated Grillbox bag?


The GrillBox insulated tote is 100% resuable. Use it on your next picnic, fill it with ice and drinks for a day at the beach, or take it work and use it at the gym...or...return it for a discount on your next order!


Where do I find allergens in your food items?


Please see tags on specific menu items for allergen info.