Grill Box

Pre-sliced, portioned and ready to grill burger & hot dog ingredients. Customize the contents of your box!

Burger Box

$35.00 - $90.00

4x, 8x or 12x sets of Burger ingredients. Box includes your choice of protein, your choice of seasoning, your choice of cheese, brioche buns, 3x toppings and 1x sauce. 

Customize & Order

Hot Dog Box

$16.00 - $45.00

4x, 8x or 12x sets of ready to grill Hot Dog ingredients. Box includes Beef Franks, Brioche buns, 3x toppings and 1x sauce. 

Customize & Order

Build Your Own Box

Full customization. Build your perfect Burger Box! 

Customize & Order


No grilling session is complete without sides!

Avocado On The Grill


4 halves of fresh avocado brushed with olive oil and seasoning, all you have to do is throw on the grill and add your favorite toppings!

Customize & Order

Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Delivered pre-made and in foil paper, all you have to do is throw on the grill! 

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Corn On The Cob

$1.99 - $5.99

Cleaned and trimmed Corn on the Cob nibblers with your choice of toppings.

Customize & Order


Satisfy that post grilling sweet tooth!

S'mores Kit

$4.99 - $14.99

Grillout classic! Graham Crackers, Marshmallows and your choice of Chocolate! Comes with skewers. 

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Add your favorite beverages to complete your experience!

Fizzy Drinks

Soda, Sparkling Water, Kombucha.

Customize & Order

Soft Drinks

Iced Tea, Still Water.

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Need an extra container of lettuce? Double cheese? More sauce? We got you!

Extra Protein

Beef Patties, Chicken Breast, Vegan Patties. 

Customize & Order

Extra Cheese

Choose from a wide selection of Cheeses and sizes. 

Customize & Order

Extra Buns

Burger and Hot Dog Buns.

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Extra Toppings

So many toppings!

Customize & Order

Extra Sauces & Dressings

If you love sauces and dressings you came to the right place.

Customize & Order

Extra Seasonings & Spices

Seasonings & Spices.

Customize & Order

Extra Non Food Items

Utensils, Tongs, Merchandise... Any none food item that will enhance your experience can be found here.

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